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AIRED: 07-31-2017

Jimmy Gene Shares his Opinion, Alternative Infowar.. Negative Feed Back Loops, Organic Robotoids , The “Evil Mason” Manley P Hall reveals his philosophy of life….
Whipping the Dead Horse Of Fear or “move more , goods to make money to expand ….so we can get the word out.”…… yea hmmmm ahhhh right ..
The divine spark of Creating Reality…
Pussy Riot
Trump ….
Santana and more Come on Into The MiCroCosm


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Jump Into the MicroCosm. The Presentation is centered around Creating Reality and recognizing your own divinity, Integrity and the divine spark of creation watching what we say and recognize that we are a divine reflection of the CREATOR.. also presented is The Strangest Secret IN ……the World,this info has the potential to change your life...

AIRED: 08-07-2017

Come on along with me as I trip down the Yellow Brick Road and discover a possible future time line .. a future with a boot stomping a human face forever, the only way to prevent it is to get active and change it ,Magpie Salute, AC/DC ,Jet Boy ,Jimmy Vaughn,Twilight…. Zone… Obsolete Man…Its a...

AIRED: 07-03-2017

in this episode I look at the so called emancipation of the slaves and present information that shows otherwise .The black history contained in this episode is not widely promoted and has been swept under the rug ,Malcolm X and Public Enemy are spotlighted in this powerful look at the so called emancipation and puts...

AIRED: 06-19-2017

This week on Into the Microcosm ..We are gonna drop the forbidden history not taught in school . THOTH,HERMES and the twelve tablets contain the keys to human existence and truth beyond description here check in and check it out .Next week i will be running a special report on THE Strange Fruit… to honor...

AIRED: 05-29-2017

This week…. i look into the Belt and Road summit and lockdown…. and Astana expo 2017 the esoteric Mega City ….right in plain sight .. the New World is just around the corner.. what will you do just stand aside and say i told you so…… or get off your duff and culture jam the...

AIRED: 05-15-2017

I called into Jarenism Raw last Monday Night (Monday 6 PM Pacific) they were discussing Jesus and the Bible and the validity of the book. I asked if they ever heard the story of how we got a bible printed in english , they said NO, so I decided to throw down the true story...

AIRED: 05-08-2017