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May 10, 2016



If you have been reading the headlines as of late , you might’ve noticed the hacktavist group is once again causing it’s usual chaos .


This time the targets appear to be the ever so popular banking corporations of the world. Anonymous has recently relaunched #OpIcarus . 
%image_alt%An Op that was first created to attack Wall Street. In the recent days numerous  world banks were knocked off line . Banks such as The Central Bank Of Greece , The Central Bank Of Cyprus , The Central Bank Of The Dominican Republic , The Guernsey Financial Services Commision , The Dutch Central Bank , The Central Bank Of Maldives , The Central Bank Of Kenya , The National Bank Of Panama , The Central Bank Of Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Central Bank Of Mexico . And after a week of attacks the list grew up to 160 banks . A number that is surely going up as we speak . 


Now the question you are asking yourself is why ?

Well… we wanted to find out too. So we sat down with @_s1ege ,  who is actively engaged in #OpIcarus and a member of #GhostSquad.


We tried to ask him the questions everyone’s asking … First up

Why are members of Anonymous attacking banks ?

This operation was created by a Ghost Squad Member in retaliation to the 1%. The elite banking cartel’s putting the world in a perpetual state of chaos. Elite banks are Creating wars decimating the Middle East and destroying the economy.

For those unaware of the current situation , what is #OpIcarus ?

#OpIcarus is a name representing the fall of the banks refering to greek mythology meaning : 

“they are getting too close to the end and we are their karma catching the wings of their empire to blaze . “

We are all about destroying the elite and waking up humanity thru online hacktivism at its finest. This Operation was created by Ghost-d3m0n a member of GSH, he made ths op what it is.

What is the main focus of this op?

The main focus of this operation is to hopefully start an online revolution and revive the Anonymous Idea once again.

We want to focus our targets to the real roots of the problem and not the branches like Isis Or the KKK. 

We have concluded peasants fighting peasants has been getting this movement nowhere and we are running out of time…

Can you tell us more about the Target Lists?

Our target list includes every bank. We have no specific targets , but our main focus is NASDAQ, NYSE, and PAYPAL. Cripplingthe financial structure of the Elite is our main target and whatever it takes to achieve it.

Do you fear any type of government retaliation?

We do fear Government retaliation but we are tired of the word “Fear” . No great mind or revolutionary ever lived by a creed set upon fear but rather a creed a set upon fearlessness…

Why this Op? What motivated you personally to get involved ?

I personally wanted to get behind  this Operation due to the state the world is in because of the elite sending my family members to war for their monetary gains and Oil , Big Pharma and also creating wars with no empathy and destroying lives with no remorse. 

More importantly for them “vaccinating” aka poisoning our children , feeding us GMO’s blindly and telling us that it’s healthy, profiting off our sacrifice , suffering and bloodshed.

Can you tell our readers about Ghost Squad?

GhostSquad is a group of skilled hackers looking to bring back the authenticity of the Anonymous idea, and to target the root-of-the-problem .


What’s next for #OpIcarus?

The next strikes for #OpIcarus will be U.S. and U.K. banks leading up to NASDAQ, NYSE, PAYPAL.

How supportive has the collective been in embracing #OpIcarus?

Supprisingly the creator of this Operation Ghost-D3m0n was basically persecuted when bringing about the idea of this Operation through the Anonymous Collective, but Anonymous is very loose and anyone can speak for it.  After our attacks, the collective has clearly embraced us even further . 


For those of our readers that would like to help and join #OpIcarus , but don’t know how , where can they go ?

If you would like to join #OpIcarus we will be making a PasteBin of targets and dates to attack and tools to download even what apps you can download and use.WE also call all activists, We want humanity to support and help us against the elite that is our main goal  ‘ A Revolution and a Message along with financialy attacking the banks and the Elite, We would love to see activists rallying the streets while we are attacking may 30th.

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