Geopolitical Timebomb In Syria with Susan Lindauer >>


AIRED: 09-08-2013

1st Hour: Widow of Sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick and amazing writer herself, Tessa Dick, joins the broadcast to talk about the mind control programming her and her husband suffered from, and their experiences with the “Men in Black” throughout the years preceding his death.



2nd-3rd Hour: Former CIA asset, active whistleblower, and a new host on our network Susan Lindauer talks about the history of her involvement with the CIA regarding diplomatic relations with Libya before the U.S. invasion in 2011. She was instrumental in encouraging peaceful talks between Middle Eastern countries and the U.S. intelligence community, and was arrested under the Patriot Act after 9/11 to shut her up. We then discuss the ongoing geopolitical situation regarding the U.S. losing its’ political power and influence, and how invading Syria will weaken that even further. We also talk about how stupid and embarrassing Obama acted at the G20 a few days ago, and what that means for the world’s perception of the U.S. diplomatically.


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