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Jan 20, 2015

Stories Evolve With The Telling! Can you tell myth from history?


SUperman secretorigins_001_jump

Let’s take a familiar example:

Superman was originally from a future earth, sent into the past to save humanity. He couldn’t fly. He could only leap very far.

Superman was a modern “Samson,” and Samson was just a Hebrew update of the Greek Hercules.

But in the era of rocket ships, a new idea became available to the writers’ imaginations. Superman would be from another planet entirely!

Stories evolve with telling, and they live inside of the technology of their era.

Jesus starts his story as an inspired (or divinely possessed) Rabbi, but by the fourth retelling of the story (in “John”) he’s updated to the “Alpha and Omega.” He goes from inspired human to total God.

Jesus story was lifted from “Osiris,” whose massive cult dominated the Mediterranean. Osiris was the “savior” of humanity, through which their spirits would be “born again.” He was the “King of Kings.”  His sister-wife-partner, Isis (or Isis Myrionymos) who bore and conceived magically, was the Madonna figure, nursing baby Horus at her breast.

The churches of Isis-Horus were later co-opted and remade churches of “The Virgin Mary.”

Remember: Superman started as a human being.

Understand how we tell stories, and you’ll never be confused or confounded by religion again.