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AIRED: 04-17-2015

Author Anthony Patch joins the Woo Crew for 3 hours of information and speculation that will literally have you questioning reality itself.

Tony follows on from his first show with the guys and takes the whole CERN topic to new levels.

You will hear about all the other various colliders around the world, and in particular, on based in California – The Advanced Light Source – ALS.

You have heard Tony speak about the small strangelets, or mini-black holes, that are created when protons are smashed together at near light speeds, but what if CERN itself, the 17m ring, was infact, a potential black hole!

You will hear about triple helix DNA, and the role of particle colliders in the mapping of the Genome.

You will also get a deeper understanding of the occult side to the experiments at CERN, and in particular the connections to the black sun, Saturn.

Tony will also explain about quantum computing and the fact that this involves sending problems from this dimension to the next, and the answer coming back – instantaneously?

Ever heard of Nano-diamonds?

And what does all this have to do with CERN?

Tune in and you will find out that and so much more in 3 hours that will truely will leave you with weeks of research to do on your own!

website: www.anthonypatch.com

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