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AIRED: 03-06-2015

Dr Richard Alan Miller is back for another Freaky Friday, so that means its that time people… ITS MILLER TIME!

The Doc isnt at full health and he talks about the chemtrails that are being analysed and just what is being found in them, and it doesnt make for good news folks!

The Doc gives his thoughts on the hydron collider at CERN going back into action on the 15th March and what it may mean for the planet and humanity.

Then the Doc hints that there may be a planetry body entering our solar system, so Kev siezes upon the opportunity to get the docs take on Niburu/PlanetX. That inevitably leads to talk of Sitchens translation of the sumerian tablets and his research into the much talked about Announaki!

Then to finish up with the Doc, Joe gets him to talk about GMO and the dangers that come with it

Popeye joins the show in hour number 3 and the guys continue the discussion on Niburu and the Announaki.

Then finally the guys hit the quantum world and just how strange and wonderful things are down at the atomic level, and they guys cover just how much effect we have, as the observers, on a quantum, and thus, macro scale!


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