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AIRED: 02-06-2015

WOW! Talk about a WOO fest!

Join Popeye, Kev, Marty, Johnny Whisltes & John King for the Freaky Friday you dont want to miss.

No big name guest needed – Team Woo take the listeners on a journey that starts of by looking at the “Bigfoot”, Sasquatch subject which leads to a discussion on Cryptozoology.

Then the guys go into depth about the Chitauri and other beings in the universe and beyond!

Kev then explains how this is the year that CERN have dubbed 2015: The International Year of Light and what that may signify for the year ahead.

There is so much more in this broadcast to even remember to mention here, so sit down, chill out and enjoy 3hrs of woo on Freaky Friday

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