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AIRED: 12-19-2014

Hours 1 & 2: Messages From The Future With Time Traveller Dr Richard Alan Miller

Dr Miller again amazes the audience with his vast knowledge of everything, and he puts that down to the fact that he gets most of his info from his FUTURE SELF. Yes, thats right, we are talking about info gained from a future version of the good Doc! From zombie guns & vortex physics, pole-shift and gematria to holographic universe and Crowleys Golden Dawn, the Doc sure is tapping into something!

Hour 3 – Darkness vs Light & D.M.T. with guests Chris Geo & Popeye

They guys go deep in the last hour, talking about the rampant pedophilia that the elites on the planet participate in, darkness vs light, ayahuasca, DMT, evil and more!


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AIRED: 12-29-2017

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AIRED: 12-22-2017

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AIRED: 12-15-2017

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AIRED: 12-08-2017