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AIRED: 11-20-2015

Berenstein vs Berenstain, build it and HE will come, when did Mandela really die?….. just some of the glitches that are occuring within the matrix we call reality

From books to lines in movies, there is something seriously wrong! Can our collective memories be fake? Are we even here anymore? And what do these errors and glitches tell us about the construct of the universe?

All this and more as the WOO CREW welcome Max Igan​ to FREAKY FRIDAY on what is sure to be a brilliant show!!! Whichever timeline you hear it on


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There are points in our individual timelines where the Creator speaks directly too us and in such a powerful fashion, it cannot be simply discounted and brushed aside. Tonight just happened to be one of those nights… and it just so happened to be captured on the air…. Are we witnessing one of the biggest...

AIRED: 03-16-2018

From the sinister giggling of Alexa, via Atlantis to the many worlds theory – Freaky Friday raises the bar again! Join the woo crew for all the stories that might not get much air time, news from the paranormal realms & lots more including Laurel Canyon, mind control, Jim Jones, magic mirrors as portals, Walt...

AIRED: 03-09-2018

Join the woo crew for your latest installment of all things Freaky Friday. We open up talking about fairies & how they fit into the paranormal world around us. From there we go over mandela effects & end up talking about a potential AI that is already out in the real world & operational –...

AIRED: 03-02-2018

3 hours of stories that will leave you questioning every facet of the reality you think exists. ...

AIRED: 02-23-2018

Scott Lopez, Jimmy Genes & Kev Baker take you on a journey through some of the stranger stories on the internet. ...

AIRED: 02-16-2018

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AIRED: 02-09-2018