The 3rd Get Together – Trust One Another >>


AIRED: 03-25-2017

Tonight is our 1 Year Anniversary Show with TFR…!
Paula Milo and I would like to thank Chris Geo & Sheree Geo for the amazing opportunity,
that brought this FearLess Family together and back Home where We Belong ..!
The 3rd Get Together – Trust One Another
“Keep Your Connections Strong” Pt 5
This week the discussion sticks to the time line, as We pick right up where We left of last week…..
Clear your space, Underwater in the golden room, My Galtic Chakra Opened, Horus, Isis and Anubis lead the Ritual, Are We in the Future ????
You got Questions ??? Well so do I..!
So Set Your Intentions &
Tune in Live…!
#TeamFearLess #FearLess #DMT #Ayahuscua #StarSeeds #LightWarriors #LightWorkers #DeepEndOfThePool #TFR #HeistClick
Change your Frequency and Tune into Ours ….
Your Protection From Deception ..!


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