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AIRED: 10-28-2017

Tonight’s episode was action packed with Information like always. In the first segment in honor of Samhain , Ra discusses how on Novembers eve the stars of the Pleiades appear close to the horizon of Earth. During this time is when access to the Otherworld, which lies beyond our mortal one, becomes possible. Ra talks how its said in Ancient beliefs that the dead ancestors are attracted to the blood and could be temporarily reanimated and given life from an offering of this blood. Connecting the dots of old nursery rhymes like Fee Fi Fo Fumb i smell the blood of an Englishman ….that this was more than a kids tale of giants but actually an ability of the Nephillim a heightened sense of smell where they can smell the DNA of there ancestors and seek them out . And just maybe the fee fi fo fumb thing was actually a spell, rhyme, or mantra of the Giant to keep this ability activated. Ra than discusses what the Ember Days are, his Benandanti ancestry, and the battles between Light and Darkness. The next segment Ra brings on tonight’s guest Nikki Colombo. They discuss her starseed awakening in 2007 and her interesting encounter with her higher self. Nikki talks of her interesting experiences and the color of these entities as Ra describes similar experiences. They talk of the cosmic shift and spiritual energy that came to our planet in 1987 and how Dark forces tried to hijack this energy. So much is discussed including encounters with the Otherworld and different timelines within these Realms. Similarities between certain Pleiadian encounters and Fae encounters is examined and Ra tells of certain blue flame technology that appears as these beings cross between realms . Also discussed is Feline beings from Lyra, what the planets might actually be, knowing the voice of the wind, kundalini, ancestral dna, and so much more!!!!Dont miss this !!!

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tonight was a great show!!!!!!! In the 1st segment Ra discusses the origins of the Lupercalia and the mysterious and magickal Lake Nemi . Than tonights guest comes on with so much knowledge and info you just have to check this show out. Ken the scientist has his own product called c60 purple power that...

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tonight was another great addition to the list of mind blowing shows that are action packed with so much information that two hours goes sooo fast!!! Maria was kind to stay up late with us where she lives in Avery, to be live here on Eye of Ra!! In the 1st segment Ra discusses his...

AIRED: 01-06-2018

This was two hours of amazing radio that alternative media lovers will never forget!! Ra and tonight’s very special guest Gary Wayne both are very well versed in Occult and Bible knowledge making each and every conversation rich with possibilities and information that can lead you down many rabbit holes. Tonight’s show did not disappoint...

AIRED: 12-23-2017