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AIRED: 08-16-2018

In the third part of our 4 part series, we continue examining the different soul groups by taking a look at the “omni soul group”. They are souls that have always remained as one experience of light throughout all density experiences. They are complete without a partner, being in fullness with the Divine always, although they may not realize it until later in life. “Omnis” often find relationships temporary and can seem uncaring, quick to end to end relationships, or detached from commitment. There are fascinating insights and more information about the “omni soul group” in this in depth look.

In the second half of the hour we were able to offer Soul Mirror Reflection Readings to 3 beautiful callers. George, Alyson, and Crystal were not only happy to be able to have a reading but the clarity that was gained by each of them was a wondrous event to be a part of! We also addressed two heartfelt emails from Veronica and Marty with love and support as they continue their journey. Remember that your emails are extremely important to us and If you would like to ask a question send it to [email protected] and we just may be reading YOUR important question on the air!

Thank you for honoring us with your presence and WE LOVE YOU!

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