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AIRED: 08-02-2018

In the first of a 4 part series, Soul Mirror Radio delves into the topic of what soul groups are and giving you information so you can tell which soul group you are part of. Soul groups exist as part of our own recognition of who we are, why we are here and how we express! At such an amazing time in our history you will deepen your own self-understanding and receive assistance with further discernment concerning relationship vs. partnership which is a very useful tool! Tonight we examined the “dual soul group” and went into detail for you to see if you are part of that particular group, You don’t want to miss next weekS show as we’ll examine another “soul group” to see if that fits you!

We also had the honor and joy of reading an email from one of our listeners, Branca, conveying their experience through a beautifully heart felt email! We LOVE receiving your emails and if you would like to have yours read on the air, send it to [email protected] and yours could be shared with our beautiful audience! We were also able to offer a couple of Soul Mirror Reflection readings to some callers which you can be a part of every Thursday night by simply calling 213-233-3998. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for joining us again and WE LOVE YOU!!

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