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AIRED: 09-16-2018

Wayne McRoy joins Jason and Crow to talk about the silent weapons of a quiet war known as autism. Now reaching epidemic levels, Wayne outlines16 autistic characteristics that are desired in super soldiers of the technical era. The majority of parents with autistic children often state the problems started after inoculations. It is also known that aluminum and other common product ingredients may play a role. Mainstream medicine now admits high levels of aluminum in Alzheimer brains.


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Tonight we show how Mercury is used in the nuke hoax idea. YT channel Hoax Buster proved Marie Curry is Mercury encoded which allowed my work on the nuke hoax topic to show the foundations of nuclear energy are just more nonsense. We also cover time travel encoded in films and sub question. ...

AIRED: 10-14-2018

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AIRED: 10-07-2018

So many people have asked how they can begin to film the night sky and how I did it. This show answers all that and more to include the first in depth coverage of the film Jason is making about me called “Shoot The Moon”....

AIRED: 09-30-2018

Tonight we cover Censorship which is now a world wide criminal endeavor, The Internet of Things and Lunar Waves. Also, we give some basic truths about equinoxes and direct folks to the massive forum thread on Crrow777Radio for members. ...

AIRED: 09-23-2018

This is the first episode of Crrow777 Live. We cover the new 5G city purposed by Saudi Arabia, transhumanism and interact with the chat forum. There is also a conversation about modern surgical techniques pushing towards transhumanism and discussion of numerology. ...

AIRED: 09-09-2018