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AIRED: 06-25-2018

In the first hour of the show i go over some news including the story about John Mcafee being poisoned & his vow to show his attackers the true meaning of wrath. This could be another example of government not liking high profile people pointing out their crimes. I discuss a UK whistleblower that found out the hard way that its never advisable to tell the truth in the face of government lies.

Faceborg are back in the news again, this time looking at subliminal audio messages via the TV that will trigger the microphone in your mobile phone & a new algorithm that can predict when you will die by analysing Facebook data. Nothing to worry about there then, right?

Johnny Whistles joins me for the 2nd hour to discuss the matrix we are moving into, then he gets us into some Nessie news.


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AIRED: 07-19-2018

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AIRED: 07-18-2018

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AIRED: 07-16-2018

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AIRED: 07-12-2018

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AIRED: 07-11-2018