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AIRED: 10-18-2017

Tonight I let the Chad Factor (Chad & Kevin) do their thing for the first hour, being two gentlemen who were recently censored from the airwaves,
then from there, I take caller requests all night. You don’t want to miss the conversations that were had about how we’re going to fix this world and get free, we are truth seeker!


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Why was the Triple Crown really achieved in 2018? Why were the Cavs really swept on June 8, 2018? Why were so many celebrities reported dead on June 8, including Anthony Bourdain? And better yet, why did Kim and Trump meet on June 12, 2018, in the world of puppet politicians? Learn all that and...

AIRED: 06-13-2018

In this episode we dissect the weekly propaganda by the numbers, as well as the sports games scripted by the same code, Gematria. We also focus on the organic side of Gematria, such as my 89th episode of Gematria Effect falling on June 6, or 6/6. In Gematria, Zachary Keefe Hubbard sums to 89, and...

AIRED: 06-06-2018

Gematria is so simple even a pack of dummies can do it, which is what is discussed in this episode, along with the current world of contrived news and information, and entirely scripted sports, with much focus given to the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup. Be sure to listen, and listen long. ...

AIRED: 05-30-2018

In this episode we talk about the significance of May 23, the recent nomination of the new head of the CIA, the nomination of the first black female governor by the Democratic Party and the world of rigged sports, including the NBA Playoffs and the NFL’s May 23 decision on players protesting the national anthem....

AIRED: 05-23-2018

In this episode we discuss the realities of life and the worth of truth as much as we discuss the rigged world of news, sports, and politics. It’s 3-hours you don’t want to miss, recorded May 16, 2018. Listen, and listen long. ) ...

AIRED: 05-16-2018

In this episode I do a lot of complaining. More specifically, I complain about the lack of support for Letters & Numbers. Now that I’m writing this blurb, I’m reminded of the time I saw Ralph Nader speak in the early 2000s, and the first thing he did was vent about how few people were...

AIRED: 05-02-2018