Black Friday Violence, Esotericism, and Extraterrestrials with Christopher Everard >>


AIRED: 11-29-2013

Today, we commemorate the horrific “holiday” many Americans “celebrate” just hours after giving thanks, “Black Friday”. Christopher Everard joins the broadcast to talk about all manner of things, including the JFK Assassination, the 13 Illuminati families, and astronomy. We end the broadcast by talking about ancient uses of entheogens that helped create the Mystery Schools (and eventually, all of the world’s major religions).


Regarding the originally-scheduled guest

Public Statement: We would like to make a public statement about an unfortunate situation on our show today. Unfortunately, one of our (originally scheduled) guest broke the only two rules we have on our network by “airing gripes on air” and “lying to the audience”.

I will not stoop to an unprofessional level by calling him out by name. However, I would like to publicly state how disappointed I am that our platform, time and hard work, has been so disrespected by a person with whom we have never had even the inkling of a problem. And someone we admired as a researcher and even a friend. This completely came out of left field and took us all by surprise.

On Saturdays and Sundays we do the interview portion of our show from 3pm-5pm, as opposed to Fridays from 2pm-4pm. We mistakenly invited the guest on between 3pm-5pm, so we take full responsibility for this mistake. However, the guest approached us at 2:15pm, before we realized the scheduling mistake but after we secured a back up guest. The guest seemed unusually agitated in the text messages, so we apologized and then became excited to make it a round-table.

The guest was to start his own show on our network this evening, therefore he requested to come on to promote. We had no problem with this and even rescheduled our planned guest to accommodate this request.

It is every hosts responsibility to provide the network with all of the images and audio files required for his/her show. Over the past week, we attempted to coordinate with his “producer” however she was too busy to fulfill her obligations or call us when she arranged a telephone meeting. On Monday she asked to call in 45 minutes but we didn’t hear from her until Tuesday with a short message “sorry, had company over”. On Wednesday she asked to arrange another call and again kept us waiting for several hours. The last message I received was “here is one image, I still need to create the rest”.

This morning, since the producer had only created 1 image and no audio files, I woke up early to create the images and audio myself to ensure the host is ready for his show. Other hosts on the network agreed to change time slots so there was a lot of re-programming done to accommodate this host.

When the guest (host) arrived on the show today, he not only felt the need to belittle us about the scheduling problem but he also felt the need to blame the lack of images and audio ON THE NETWORK, claiming these items were sent but the files were never downloaded. When I pointed out that his producer was the one who dropped the ball, the guest then began conjuring up a story about intercepted e-mails and how the message from his producer was “not really from her” and that WE were the ones who dropped the ball.

At this point the break hit and I got a little frustrated because two of the cardinal rules had been broken in one felt swoop. I made a managerial decision as host of the show and owner of the network to excuse this person from our show and not host his radio show on our network. This is a decision I firmly stand by regardless of my personal sentiments, disappointments and shock at his behavior.

We put our blood, sweat and tears into our network and show and I WILL NOT allow anyone to lower the professionalism of the airwaves or flat out lie to our listeners. I don’t care who you are, what your background is, how many books you’ve written, if you’re royalty, a celebrity, or anyone else of “status”.

I will not tolerate disrespect of myself, my wife, our network, our hosts, our listeners or anyone else associated with the Truth Frequency Radio Network. Period.

Thank you for your time.

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