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AIRED: 06-09-2013

1st Hour: In the first hour, we welcome our young friend, Mikey, back to the show to talk about what it’s like to be a kid in these troubled times. Mikey is 10 years old and is an aspiring artist who always has really good insight into the deeper aspects of life, like where we came from as a species and where we’re headed. We talk about how we shouldn’t be so fearful of our surroundings that we let the government take away our liberty in exchange for security.

2nd-3rd hour: Christopher Everard joins the broadcast to talk about the Bilderberg 2013 meeting currently in progress. We discuss their validity of even calling themselves the “leaders of the world”, and how questionable that statement truly is when they are in secretive meetings every year plotting war, destruction, chaos, famine, and disease for millions around the world. We discuss the new, sudden media interest in the Bilderberg meetings (such as the BBC coverage, which was unprecedented), and what that means for the Bilderbergers in general: Are they angry that they are being exposed so much, or are they just shifting themselves into a different position, that of the “white knights sitting around the roundtable” while the stupid plebs protest outside, as the media is seeming to suggest now?


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