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AIRED: 10-23-2016

Whenever there is a leap forward in communication, there is a leap forward in freedom.

From the printing press to the internet, new forms of communication shake up the old order of things. Ideas spread like wildfire, the balance of power shifts, and new possibilities arise. Are you taking advantage of the times we live in?

Discover how to best use new technologies to spread your message and grow your business. Find out who might try and stop you. And learn what you can do to defend yourself.

In the second half of the show, turn the classic idea of a marketing funnel on its head.

Building out your funnel is just the beginning. There is a whole other side to the story. A mirror aspect that can turn a struggling business into a thriving business. But it requires looking at the other side of the transaction.

What happens when you apply esoteric principles to your business model? The Marketing Hourglass, that’s what.

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