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AIRED: 09-25-2016

Knowing how to sell is a vital life skill.

The basics of selling spill into every aspect of modern life. Want to get that first date with the person you’ve been admiring? Want to get paid what you’re worth at your job? What to start your own business? None of these are possible without at least some amount of selling.

So why is it that selling is never taught to you at school?

I remember lessons on history, math, and music. I remember being taught how to do a push-up and how to write an essay. But I can’t remember a single lesson on persuasion. Not once was how to sell covered in my twelve years of mandatory learning.

Why not?

This one skill can mean the difference between success and failure in almost every aspect of life. So why is it completely ignored in public schools? And why is it even looked down on and suppressed in many forms of higher education?

Most importantly, what can you do to fight back?

David Garfinkel has been teaching people the finer points of persuasion for most of his career. He’s helped big companies make millions. He’s helped entrepreneurs escape the rat race of employment. And he’s trained some of the most successful copywriters out there today.

And at the core of all he’s done, it comes down to one simple thing. He teaches people how to sell.

David joins us this week to give his thoughts on why the education system is failing us in this major area of life. We explore the roots of where our education system came from, who runs it now, and where it seems to be headed.

Want to undo the damage done to you by the academic system in this country? David shows you how. From learning how to learn, to learning how to sell, David’s got you covered. Tune in to this very special interview with one of the greatest selling minds of our time.


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