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AIRED: 08-06-2017

How to make money

What is money?
way to communicate value
way to preserve wealth (savings)

Why we need it.
Crusoes Island:
distribution of labor
Why not barter:
Problem of duel wants.

Aristotle rules for money
1.) It must be durable.
2.) It must be portable.
3.) It must be divisible.
4.) It must have intrinsic value.

Why Gold?
Clip from NPR, Periodic table
Problems with gold, easy to shave and short change people, that’s why the ridges.
Who holds all the gold?

Why paper.
Lighter, easier to hold and trade.
Acted as receipts for actual money.

What is FIAT?
Federal Reserve
Debt notes
Monopoly money
Monopoly on money creation

Bitcoin and Crypto
Could be what sets us free from bankers.
Could be what ushers in the cashless society. BAD

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