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AIRED: 05-28-2017

Never serve two masters.

Ok, so I have a client who runs his own rap label. He’s uber talented, hella driven. But that aint enough.

We were talking the other day, and I asked him who he wanted make music for, and he said “everybody” and I told him that was his biggest mistake.

In fact, this is one of the most common fail points I see when consulting. Who is your ideal customer? Everyone.

In fact, it came up twice this week.

Before that though, I wanna tell you a story about when I was a teenager.
I was a little gangbanger kid, but I would hang out with the dirt head long haired kids,
Party with Jerry and mark. mark’s tattoo/
was p!ssed, because he was expecting one thing and got another.
Mark told people and berries brother never became a tattoo artist.

There is an old saying, if you try to please all, you end up pleasing none.

First client, makes hiphop music. He’s a partially religious, but not a devout catholic.
Point is, he want’s to make music expressing his faith, but he still makes music talking about banging hood rats and doing ghetto sh!t and flossing chains and all that.

So that’s why I asked him about who he wanted to serve, who he wanted to make music for? And that’s when he said Everyone.

He said, he wanted to have some music for people that would like his religious side. But he also wanted something for girls to shake their booties to in the club. And he wanted something for the thugs to bump in their cars while they’re cruising college.

So, here’s why that doesn’t work.

People don’t don’t like walking into a dark room. when you ask them to buy from an unknown artist, that’s like asking them to walk into a dark room. They’re afraid they might stub their toe. Releasing a single is like turning on the nightlight. It helps make the buying decision less scary. It lights up the room a little bit and makes the customer feel like they have a better idea of what their walking into.

But what happens when the single is good, but the rest of the album sucks? People get pissed. It’s like they walked into a dimly lit room, and stepped on a lego you placed there for them. More than that, they get p!ssed because you broke their expectations. They expected one type of experience, and got something else.

So, what if they hear a thug song, or a hood rat sex song, and buy the cd, only to get preached at?
What will they tell their other thug/hoodrat friends about buying your cd?

On the flip side, what if they bought it for their kid because they heard the songs with a positive message about faith. Only to hear the thug life and funk all kindsa b!tches tracks?
Will they buy your next cd? Will they recommend it to their church friends?

Trying to serve everyone might make some sales, but it will also get you a lot of chargebacks and negative reviews.

Another client grows micro greens and sells them. He’s wanting to build a direct response marketing site to grow his buyer base. So I asked him who he wanted to build the site to attract. Crossfit people, moms that shop the farmers markets, grocery stores.

I asked which group, he said “all of them”

Party scenario, who you wanna go home with? give her all of your attention or you’ll be going home with nobody, or a cheap skank that didn’t care that she was your forth pick.
Just like the cd, track after track.

When I tell clients this, they’re most common objection is, what if I pick the wrong girl?

The fact is, that might happen.

But imagine your sitting at the bottom of a hill with a row of builders. You got 3 hours to get one boulder to the top. So you start pushing one, and get about halfway the hill and second guess yourself. The boulder feels heavier, and the one next to it looks lighter, so you go try to push that one up.
Then you notice that the hill is slightly less inclined at the boulder three down from you, so you go try to push that one, but it’s heavier, and now you’ve been pushing for 2 and a half hours, got three boulders partway up, but none all the way.

So you go back to the first, because it’s the highest up, even though it’s slid back down a bit.
At the end of the three hours you have failed, 3 partially up, but none at the top. If you would have just picked one and stuck with it, instead of spreading out your energy, you would have made it to the top in 2 hours, no matter which boulder you picked.

Pick who you want to serve, give them your all, and tell everyone else to funk off.

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