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AIRED: 04-30-2017

Episode Number 61

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Segment 1. FOF
Tell story of getting kicked out of Facebook group.
Start with copywriters privilege story.
How it’s racist to charge high rates. Lol.
Her next post was about overcoming imposter syndrome.
I commented that she needed to overcome her cultural marxist indoctrination before she worried about her imposter syndrome. Got banned.
Why did I say that? Here’s why I won’t work with left leaning business owners, and would never hire one of these idiots to write copy or market for my business.
They think profit is exploitative.
They think of everything as a fixed pie.
They think we should all have equal outcomes, and not be paid on performance.
If you’re gonna pay someone to bring in sales, they better not think selling is a bad thing.
If you’re gonna hire me to raise your profits, you better not think profits are a bad thing.

Segment 2. NFL
So, it’s been crazy. Recording episodes for David’s new podcast and getting ready to launch that. More in a moment.
Put together a new free course over at the squad. Working on another one.
And, working with two different clients on copy projects, which is making my accountant nervous, so I will be putting together an official agency in the very near future.
Plus, launched a new template for podcast blastoff.

Segment 3. CIH

How to become an expert at anything. In five simple steps.

Disclaimer, people throw around the term, and it’s almost lost its meaning.
Definition of expert for English Language Learners. : a person who has special skill or knowledge relating to a particular subject.

Some stuff to get over first.
The people you look up to are no better than you. They have lots of flaws, just like you.
I’ve met most of my heroes. Most of them were decent people. None of them were extra ordinary.
Some of them were real let downs. Some of them are complete fakes.

There is nothing that separates them from you. Other than maybe some mindsets and practices.
And most of them are just as self-conscious as the rest of us are. They may excell in one area, but fail in a lot of others.

Don’t compare yourself to the limited knowledge you have of someone else.
You haven’t scene their books, you only see what they care to put on display.

How do I know when I’m ready to be a shaman? Once you stop thinking a shaman is anything special.

Vital personality traits,
don’t believe you need permission or validation from others to do something.
Don’t be afraid to mess up publicly.
Realize that people forget all the times you strike out, and only remember the gland slams. But only if you’re willing to step up to bat

One, start studying it. Read as much as you can, from as many different sources as you can. Look for overlap and what makes sense. Learned from Shane. More will start to make sense as your understanding grows. Read the best books more than once. Learned from Ben. Doesn’t have to just be reading, can be course work (be careful), youtube videos, audio books.

Two, start practicing it. It’s learn DO teach. Don’t skip the middle part. Do it. Do it for yourself, offer to do it for free for others. get the experience. Knowledge isn’t power, Knowledge plus action is power.

Three, join the conversation, in an honest way. Start giving your thoughts on things, cite people who influenced your thinking, but don’t be afraid to add your own two cents. Blog, Facebook posts, youtube videos, forums. Join the conversation. And I would say, don’t spread yourself too thin. Find the most active pond, and start swimming in there.

Four, Embrace leadership, At this point, you may not be an expert, but you are a leader. A leader only has to be a few steps ahead of their followers. People will come to you for your thoughts, give them. Take those conversations, and repurpose them as more content. This will elevate your platform. Teaching helps you really learn it. Martial arts, old school-houses.

Five, start getting paid. At some point, you have to start getting paid for what you do. If you keep placing no monetary value on it, those coming to you will do the same. Plus, you only have so much time, in order to decide who gets it, money helps. Also, those who pay are more likely to do something with it, so give them your time, as it will be most appreciated and worthwhile.

At this point, you are an expert. May not be world renowned, or even a thought leader. But you are an expert. And you do deserve to be getting paid for what you’re doing for people. But don’t skip steps. People are too quick to claim the title expert, and it’s lost a lot of it’s meaning.

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