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AIRED: 03-05-2017

Episode Number 56

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I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain

Succeeding in spite of schooling

Examine the roots of our education system
My anecdotal experiences in the school system
Why I feel school sets people up to fail
How to succeed, despite it all

Segment 1. NFL
Fair warning, I am biased.
Story about dropping out in kindergarten.
Always failing art class, yet getting paid for my art skills
Learning disorder vs teaching disorder
High school drop out, business owner, work with very successful people to help make them more successful.

Segment 2. FOF
Look at history of American schools.

History of Prussia, three forms of schooling. mid 1700’s
Prussia lost in Napoleonic wars due to independent thought and soldiers not following orders.
Fredrick the Great commissioned Johan Heckler in mid 1700’s to restructure schools to create obedient state worshiping citizens.
Tax funded, mandatory, nationally regulated.

Three tiers

Goals of obedient society
State welfare
Do what you’re told and you’ll be taken care of.

mid 1800’s
Horace Mann adoption into America. went over there on summer break, met with few teachers, came back praising model.
aided by john hopkins, john dewy, rockefeller foundation.
factory model schools, obedient factory workers for industrial revolution.

Early 1900’s
Results in Germany, national socialist, cultural superiority, endless war of spreading culture.
Economic downturn, blame the jews, great man to save us, you know the rest
By that time, it was too entrenched in our own model to turn back and reverse course.

At same time, 1920’s
Frankfurt School of thought from university of frankfurt
heavily influenced by marx, kant, freud, hegel
against capitalism, but also soviet socialism, same old argument of, “that’s not real socialism”
They also did not see eye to eye with nat so, so they left germany as hitler rose to power.
The failed European workers revolution
But they saw that economic mobility of west and capitalism made their ideas hard to spread here.
class struggle alone wouldn’t bring about marxism
So, they trans morphed the ideals into cultural Marxism
Now privilege and victim was more broad than just economic.
And all “privilege” must be attacked until all are equal in all forms.

current day Nazis vs. Commies

Segment 3. CIH
How schooling disables the entrepreneurial spirit
How to overcome that training

Authority figures and asking for permission
permission to go to the restroom, hall passes, ect.
This leads to people afraid to innovate. afraid to rock the boat. afraid to make their own rules.

Better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Failures versus lessons
If you fail in school, its a bad thing.
You get punished for the wrong answer, and labeled a failure.
The more you fail at something, the less likely you are to succeed in school. Can’t move on to higher ed, can’t take next class.
But in business, you need to fail to learn. Each failure is a lesson, and the faster you fail, the better.
If you guess and get lucky in a test, you’re praised.
If you guess get lucky in business, you learn nothing.
You’re taught that failing is to be avoided in school, But to succeed in business, you must learn to embrace failure.

Straight A’s versus strengths and delegation
Imagine you are really good with math, but you suck at geography, you’re ok at science, and you suck at PE
You have a friend who’s ok at math, but science lights her his fire.
You also have a homegirl who sucks at math, but is great a geography and and weak at science and PE.
Then you have one other friend who’s dumb as rock, but strong as an ox.
Now, imagine you make a secret pact, where you each do all the homework for the areas where you excel and hand off the homework for the areas where you suck.
If you get caught, you’d all get in big trouble.
In school, this is a big no-no. But in business, it’s a must.
leverage, delegate, spend time in specialized area, makes for most healthy business.

restrictive multiple choice answers
Taught to believe that authority figures have all the answers, and at most, there are only four options to choose from, and those four will be provided for you by the authority figures.
And only one of them is correct.
In real life, there are millions of options to choose, and there are rarely right and wrong answers.
Also, most “authority” figures have no idea what they’re talking about, blind leading the blind. #notall
Have to become your own authority and embrace world of possibilities

One size fits all.
Everybody at this age gets this lesson.
Everybody has to learn in this method.
Anyone who learns differently is malfunctioning.
Truth is people learn differently. and what works for one doesn’t work for another.
And what works for one example won’t work for another.
People want three steps to success, but it won’t always work the same for every case.
Mass marketing works for mega corp, but not for mom n pop corp.
facebook ads works for one audience, direct mail works for another.

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