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AIRED: 02-05-2017

Segment 1.
Why I’m against prohibition.

Number 1. It doesn’t work, War on Drugs, gun control, 20’s speakeasy, drugs in prison.

Number 2. Only makes prohibited item more profitable to sell. Decrease supply without decreasing demand.

Number 3. Prohibited substances are more alluring to rebellious teenagers.

Number 4. Attracts criminal element and organized crime. Instead of friendly drug store clerk, gang banger.

Number 5. Drives creation of more dangerous alternatives. Iron law of prohibition. Hard alcohol, crack, krokodil, fake weed, 3d printed guns, street walkers, no recourse for bad product, no consumer reports.

Number 6. Breaks up poor families. Dad in prison, mom on welfare. State raised kids.

Number 7. Police militarization. Swat teams on wrong house. Training, Same force will be used against you.

Number 8. Asset forfeiture laws. Lady who lost her car because her husband soliciting a prostitute. Cops only stop cars leaving town with money.

Number 9. Peaceful people go in, violent people come out.

Number 10. Assumes that we don’t have the right to choose for ourselves, but we do have the right to choose for others. Totally inconsistent. You own yourself, you don’t own others.

Segment 2.
Gonna put up a support page on nfsdotcom. millionaire mindset.
Also, got a book in the mail from chris jantzen,The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: by Joe Shugarman, off of my amazon wishlist, thanks
Last weeks webinar was a success, gonna be doing another one, real soon.

Segment 3.
Business lessons I learned selling drug

1. Be very careful who you trust.

2. Sell to a hungry market.

3. Free samples work.

4. Niche down and dominate one market.

5. Pick your clientele wisely.

6. Take advantage of scarcity.

7. Protect your brand. IP.

8. Quality matters.

9. No risk, no reward.

10. Think big, like scarface.

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