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AIRED: 01-08-2017

Episode Number 50

Welcome to anpren, the nathan fraser show,
dedicated to self ownership and business ownership.
to helping you byoboss, politically and professionally
Im nathan fraser, you are the fms
tfr.com, ucy.tv, lrn.fm
nathan fraser show dot com

Back, after a few weeks off
talk about mixing business with politics
Some trivial knowledge about me
Why podcasting is my preferred content form.
And some exciting news at the end of the show.

Segment 1.
I went from rappin bout chemtrails and Gitmo Bay
To rappin bout how business owners can get mo pay
But for these statist fools we need tools to defeat em.
LiveFreeFM, focus on freedom.

Start with some criticism I’ve gotten about the show.
Mostly about mixing business with politics.
Many Old fans have accused me of selling out. going to the dark side.
some New listeners have said the don’t want to hear about my politics.
Been told not to, seperate the shows, not gonna do it. explain why.
There is a small overlap between own yourself and own your own business, that’s who I serve.

Here’s the truth
Why I wish more business people would speak out, politically.
I get why more don’t, I know that being so vocal does turn some clients away

Threat of cultural marxists to entrepreneurs.
Ads being micro-aggressions. Cake shops being shut down, etc.

Entrepreneurs are the real problem solvers.
We bring people the innovations that make life better
We tackle problems in a way that does’t use force and taxation
And we only succeed if people actually like our solutions.

Historically, business owners are robbed, trapped, or murdered.
When you demonize a type of people, others will justify doing horrible shit to them.
War, black people in the past, white people in the present.
Their silence will be their death.

Maybe not smart to mix my business with my activism, but my activism is my business.
Teaching byoboss is my activism.
And without my activism, my business my disappear.

Segment 2.
I’m not a guru. I’m not an activist.
I’m just an entrepreneur and an anarchist
Trying to be a leader and deal with haters man.
Welcome to my life, this is Nathan Fraser land.

Top ten nathan fraser facts you didn’t know.

1. I used to be a huge liberal. grew up on welfare, not a fan of gov, but if around, I thought it should take care of the poor.

2. First business was underground rap label with brother, mob hitz records, TCM and Paranoid, very politcal rap, lots of stuff that I don’t really stand behind, anymore.

3. Love hip hop, 90’s era and early 2000’s, favs include psycho realm, MOP, Twizted, Eminem, IceCube, RedMan, WuTang. Can’t stand this new mumble rap, though.

4. Love big booties and girls who can twerk. Get hate for this, but you can’t help who you love. And I love girls with big booties, and I love girls who can twerk.

5. Love ninja turtles, raph and mikey most, opposite of me, but more like my little brother

6. Huge comic book nerd. old school favs were bats and punisher, new school favs walking dead and IDW tmnt

7. INTJ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment) The Architect, misunderstood hero/villian

8. Leo, not into astrology, take it for whatever it’s worth to you

9. Dream job as a kid was to be a comic book artist, Still love to draw and be artistic, But my main passion now is business and marketing. Kind of a 180, as most artsy people hate selling.

10. Favorite color blue, partially because I grew up around crips and sureno trese, But mostly because i find the color calming.

Segment 3.
For my free-market squad members out on the grind.
You Gotta Be Your Own Boss, you can’t just fall into line.
You gotta have a free mind and hope for the future.
You gotta be the free market, Anarcho-Preneur.

Why I prefer podcasting as content.
Been podcasting since 08, ghosts, sov sundays, livefreefm, and now anpren,
I’ve helped create, produce and record podcasts for close to a dozen other podcasters
And I now own a podcast related business.
But why do I love podcast so much?

It probably goes back to Pump up the volume Christian Slater 1990
Decentralized media, allows anybody to get their message out there.
Great for activists, but great for business peeps as well.
So, I’m gonna focus on why it’s such a great form of content marketing.

Define content marketing, free content that you make in order to attract potential customers or clients
If they’re searching the web for something, you have low barrier way to start a relationship with them

In their ears, very intimate.
Like having a phone call with someone.
It just feels more like real communication than other forms of media

Hold their attention longer
Video consumption is average of 2-3 minutes,
most podcast consumption between 30 minutes and 20 hours.

Can be consumed in ways that video and written content can’t
while working out, on a walk, doing chores, while working.

One of the fastest growing medias
Half of americans have listened to at least one podcast in the last month,
1/3 listen to at least one podcast every week
And those numbers are exploding

Great for connecting with guests.
Gives you the chance to connect with people who would otherwise never even know you existed
Allows you to get the halo effect from being associated with them.
Makes you valuable to them.

No algorithm between you and listener.
youtube, facebook, and other social media pick and choose what you see.
Even go so far as to censor things from showing up in your newsfeed.
Podcasts are not like that. If you subscribe, it shows up. no censorship, no algorithm.
Nothing acting as a gatekeeper between you and your listener.

Helps build celebrity status
A blog or course can help build authority. so can a podcast.
but authority status just means you know your stuff, but it doesn’t endear people to you.
A podcast let’s your personality come through, it allows connection
It allows people to connect with you on a deeper level.
It takes you out of the realm of boring teacher and into the realm of entertainer.
It makes you not only an authority on a subject, but also a celebrity, which is way more powerful.

List could go on, but I’m running out of time.
If you want to start your own podcast, go to podcast blastoff and check out all the free resources we have there.
How to build your studio on any budget,
How to launch on itunes,
Free course on how to create a podcast, and lots more.

Oh, and some exciting news, I’m in the beginning stages of creating a podcast about copywriting with one of the world’s greatest and highest paid copywriters. I can’t spill all the beans yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

if you enjoyed this episode, go to iTunes and subscribe. rate and review. Also, if you know someone who would benefit from this episode, please send it to them so they can check it out.

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