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AIRED: 12-11-2016

Why should online business have all the fun?

There are so many unfair advantages that online business have. Online business can content market, take online payments, use email marketing. It seems like brick and mortar stores are being left out in the cold.

But are they?

Jonathan Rivera runs two successful businesses. One of them is online, while the other is offline. But the tools he uses for both are not that different. In fact, he’s set himself apart from his competition by using online marketing tactics to drive his offline rental properties company. And what he shares in this interview will change the way you look at local business advertising.

Find out how he avoids the pitfalls of racing to the lowest price when renting out his properties. Discover how email has re-invented his application process. And learn how podcasting destroyed one business idea for him, but has been the backbone of many others.

All this, and a little bit of politics, thrown in for good measure.


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