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AIRED: 12-04-2016

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Episode Number 48

Welcome to anpren, the nathan fraser show, dedicated to self ownership and business ownership, in that order.
to helping you byoboss, politically and professional
Im nathan fraser, you are the fms,,
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Overview: This week, recent anti-capitalist comments by the pope, update on, and top 10 success habits.

Segment 1.
For these statist fools we need tools to defeat them.
LiveFreeFM, focus on freedom.

So, the pope was talking out his ass again.
poison the well a bit. I’m not anti-catholic, but if there is a nwo conspiracy, my money is on jesuits as top.
and when it comes to recent pope, I think he spouts out straight up communist garbage.
Sits on his golden thrown and preaches about feeding the poor.
Vatican is it’s own city state, and it owns more land on in foreign countries than even the us does.
Only company that owns more real estate in the world is mcdonolds.
so when he talks about wealth equality, it comes off as a bit insincere.

Recent article from panampost
Read article and go back to pick it apart

Pope Francis to Businesses: Aim to Serve, Not to Profit

Pope Francis said last week that companies “should not exist to earn money,” even if it serves to measure their productivity; rather, they should exist “to serve.”

businesses do exist to serve, and can only succeed if the serve well.

The Supreme Pontiff, speaking at the International Conference of Catholic Business Associations (Uniapac) in the Vatican, said it was “urgent” to recover the social meaning of financial and banking activity. He asked Catholic entrepreneurs “to take the risk of complicating life,” by giving up certain economic gains.

If you are a charitable person, giving up economic gains means less to give to charity

“All human activities, including business, can be an exercise in mercy, which is participation in the love of God for men,” the Pope said.

48 days to the work you love, work should be a prayer, a celebration of what you were put here to do. Most people go into business because they love serving their community in the way their business does.

“Talking about companies immediately puts us in touch with one of the most difficult issues of moral perception: money. I have said several times that ‘money is the devil’s dung.’”

not gonna go deep dive into this one, but money is just a place holder for value, it’s a form of communication. Like all communication, it can be used to manipulate and harm. but for the most part, it improves relationships and society. Just because a butterknife can kill, doesn’t mean it’s the root of all evil.

In the opinion of the Pope, “money should serve, instead of rule.”

Money does serve, but it can also rule over greedy people, greed is the problem there, not money.
He defined money as a “technical instrument of intermediation,” comparing values and rights, fulfilling obligations and saving.

He also said credit should be given to family housing, small and medium enterprises, education, healthcare and the improvement and integration of the poorest urban centers.

unintended consequences like farmers and food aid, dependancies like generational welfare, strings attached and theft create slavery on all levels of class.

A chrematistic logic of the market makes credit more accessible and cheaper for those who have more resources, and more expensive and difficult for those who have less, to the point of leaving the poorest sections of the population in the hands of unscrupulous usurers,“ the Pope said .

interest is just a measure of time/value preference. when lending, you have to adjust for risk. if you lend to people who often don’t pay back, you have to charge more interest to insure you can keep lending. if you lend to people who have no trouble paying you back, not so much. basic economics.

“At the international level, the financing of the poorest countries easily becomes a usurer activity,” he said.

Again, basic economics. however, confessions of an economic hitman, when the money lent is created out of thin air by central banks, it leads to economic slavery. in which case, why isn’t he attacking the central banks?

He spoke in favor of state intervention “to protect certain collective goods and to ensure the satisfaction of fundamental human needs.”

The state doesn’t do a good job of this, the have a monopoly on it, and we are forced to pay, so there is no incentive to do good job.

Conclusion, most people have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to how the business world works.
They make judgments like armchair quarterbacks.
Don’t judge a businessman until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

Segment 2.
I went from rappin bout chemtrails and gitmo bay
to rappin bout how business owners can get mo pay
how to be a leader and deal with haters man.
This is my life, welcome to Nathan Fraser land.

Lot’s goin on in my life atm, in order to get ready for the new year, I’ll be taking it easy for this month.
more on that in a sec.
What I need to get done this month

I need to get some work done on podcastblastoff, get new webinar ready, get marketing funnel running for the new course, get book written as an upsell when people sign up for course.

Also, need to get some work done for new fms site.
What to expect there, lots of resources for marketing.
I’ll be re-launching my blog over there.
I’ll also be promoting a new webinar about all the pieces you need to have in place for a successful business.
That will be free and used as a lead magnet.
I’m also going to be officially offering some services through the site.
including marketing consulting, copywriting services, and a new mastermind group that I plan on launching in January.

So, because all that has to be done this month, in order to be ready for next year, I might miss a week or two this month, as far as episodes go. But all the extra stuff at the new site will make it worth the sacrifice.

Segment 3.
For my free-market squad members out on the grind.
You Gotta Be Your Own Boss, you can’t just fall into line.
You gotta have a free mind and hope for the future.
You gotta be the free market, Anarcho-Preneur.

Alright. life and success is not mere chance or accident.
most successful people I know have different practices than the masses, and those practices are what make them successful.
So, this week, I’ll be comparing and contrasting some of those success practices.

successful people continuously learn new things

unsuccessful people think they already know it all

the more you learn, the more you realize you know very little. the less you learn, the easier it is to believe you know much

successful people talk about ideas

unsuccessful people talk about other people

gossip vs concepts

successful people take responsibility

unsuccessful people blame others

when you take ownership, life gives you more responsibilities.

successful people forgive and move on

unsuccessful people hold grudges and stay stuck

doesn’t mean to forget, but don’t drink poison and expect the other person to die.

successful people embrace change

unsuccessful people fear change

early adopters, flexible, resist and go the way of the dinosaurs

successful people want others to succeed

unsuccessful people want others to fail

successful people spend more time reading

unsuccessful people spend more time watching tv

even reading fiction is better than watching tv all the time. but read to learn. tv is passive mode, reading is more of an active mode activity.

successful people complement others

unsuccessful people criticize others

huge part of why I don’t get involved in all the liberty drama. I try to be about building people up, not tearing them down.

successful people set goals and plans of action

unsuccessful people live life as passive victims

if you aim for nothing, you’re sure to hit it every time. If you aim for the stars, you’ll at least hit the moon.

successful people look for the lesson in a failure

unsuccessful people use failure as an excuse to not try again

This one is kinda self explanatory. we all hit speed bumps on our journeys. We can learn from them and avoid making the same mistakes as we move forward, or we can pull over and just stop driving. Your choice determines whether or not you reach your destination.

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***** How to make your skeletons dance*****

Until next time, free market squad, be your own boss #byoboss
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I’m outta here, deuces.

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