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AIRED: 03-27-2016

What up free market squad?
Welcome to another episode of Anarcho-Preneur,
The only podcast dedicated to helping you be your own boss, in all aspects of your life. Both Politically and Professionally.
I’m your host, Nathan Fraser, but you, more importantly, you are the Free Market Squad. 
Today is: march 27th 1016
We are broadcasting on prerecorded on tfr, ucy, do media, lrn, and of course,, coming soon. 

This week in Nathan Fraser land.
Weekly Wins:
First off, we got a new customer for BlastPod. Explain what that is.
Explain how we got him, ad for course, took course, found it valuable, compared us to competition, we won his support.
Second win, got facebook live, been doing videos, and pushing people back to fms group.
the vids are just me ranting on stuff, some of what I talked about in this weeks vids will be fleshed out more, in the second half of tonights show.

Lessons Learned:
We really need to get our onboarding done for BlastPod.
This is our fourth customer, and we still are walking each one through, one at a time.
It can be systematized, and should be, so we can give more attention to other issues.
I need to set up a system to get folks set up fast, get them invested. customer retention, that’s the whole point of having a saas model.
We’ve spent all of our time setting up systems to get customers, but not enough on what happens after we have them. must change that.

Master Plans:
Not a fortune teller, but these are my plans for the next month or so.
gonna be launching a giant blog post. Been writing and researching for two weeks, now I’m editing it down from over 5000 words.
It’s about studio gear for great sound.
Use facebook ads to drive traffic, plus, it will be very seo friendly.
Pixel, so if people leave facebook to read it, I can retarget them.
Explain how it works and why it’s needed.
Different ads to dif peeps. We don’t have budget to be sending wrong ads
Once someone clicks ad, we can target them as a custom audience for later webinar.
Hopefully have a super awesome webinar coming late april. But more deets abut that in upcoming shows. That’s called an open loop, stay tuned

LiveFreeFM, Focus On Freedom.
Bread and circuses. Politics is for actors too ugly to make it in hollywood.
Remember that movie, wag the dog?
Where an entire nation was manufactured, a fake war, sold to the people as reality by media.
News anchors have been caught practicing “live” news covereage, complete with sound effects and everything.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard give the same speech on Iraq. 2003 2 days apart
Ted Cruz responds to Trump with lines almost directly from the American President Michael Douglas.
It’s almost like the script writers don’t even try.
My opinion. The whole thing is a show, Bread and circuses. Trump on wwe, perfect analogy. Politics is professional wrestling. He’s long time supporter of Clintons, voted for obama.
There for two reasons. Play to his crowd, and insure clinton victory.
Same with Bernie. Get people invested in a system loosing credibility.
Keep the how going, but add new actors to keep viewers engaged, else the show gets cancelled.

Free Market Master Class.

people hate selling, but why?
sleazy salesmen, fear of rejection, schools and media.
need to be able to sell, most important skill to have, especially today.
fear of selling and hatred of sales holds people back.
Don’t know how to do it, lie and say they don’t do it.
We all sell,
service products, ideas, give examples of real world selling
every convo is persuasion, if not, why even talk.
date night, , vacation, promotions, job interviews, kids chores, activism buy into my idea.
Most people walk through life doing all of their sales unconsciously, embrace selling, learn how to do it well.
Selling is the opposite of force, and should be celebrated.

3 mindset shifts to increase your sales.

1, understand difference between manipulation and persuasion
manipulation, when other party regrets decision
persuasion, when other party rejoices in their decision

2, Both parties win.
subjective value means not a win/lose deal
both parties leave better off.

3, if you have value, you have obligation to sell it,
even if only to cure boredom, if you don’t let people know about it, you are doing them a disservice.

4, if time, if you give away, people won’t value it, it will go to waste, if they have to buy, they will value it more, and actually use it.

Until next time free market squad, be yer own boss, #byoboss

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