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AIRED: 08-25-2015

–For those of you in the chattering classes and the mainstream media who are scratching your heads, fear not…I explain the appeal of Donald Trump to you!

–My novel idea for dealing with Islamic Terrorism: A Constitutional Amendment banning the practice of Islam!

–Examining the Left’s playbook of controlling language, and how ridiculous the term “gun violence” is in terms of how the media has been using it lately.

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The Huffington Post is coming to the Heartland! This will probably be a comedy of errors…but on the off chance they are interested in actually listening to us instead of talking, I have 6 things that they must understand about we in Flyover Country. Also, a racist Chocolate Milk ban, and my thoughts on The...

AIRED: 07-18-2017

Yes, you read that right. Today’s show includes a discussion of Alyssa Milano’s boobs (and their potential role in getting her out of her current financial mess)…then we move on to other boobs we see on TV–such as Michael Smrconish & Chuck Todd! Also, I answer Todd’s question of how you explain President Trump’s actions...

AIRED: 07-11-2017

Join us for our Independence Day celebration! Today we have fun discussing some of our most important rights–and out journalists misinterpret them. Plus, I use the word “hussy” on a radio broadcast for possibly the first time in 75 years… ...

AIRED: 07-04-2017

Another lost election for Democrats…and the requisite naval gazing ensues. I discuss–with numbers and everything–the reasons that Democrats have completely lost suburban and rural America–and why this means they have lost their national prominence perhaps for good. Also, we talk about Lap Dances!!!! ...

AIRED: 06-27-2017

A milestone has been passed in America–and not a pleasant one. With the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise, the Democratic Party officially crossed the line from “crazy political party” to “Terrorist Organization”. I discuss why the time for debate is over, and why good Americans must disassociate themselves–politically and personally–from Liberals and Democrats. websit...

AIRED: 06-20-2017

Today’s show is a vertiable grab bag of greatness–among the topics, what we really learned from the Comey hearings last week, public officials finally talking some sense on Muslim Terrorism, the amazing opportunity that exists in Cable News, and Feminists getting mad because Wonder Woman isn’t a fat, black lesbian! ...

AIRED: 06-13-2017