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AIRED: 08-25-2015

–For those of you in the chattering classes and the mainstream media who are scratching your heads, fear not…I explain the appeal of Donald Trump to you!

–My novel idea for dealing with Islamic Terrorism: A Constitutional Amendment banning the practice of Islam!

–Examining the Left’s playbook of controlling language, and how ridiculous the term “gun violence” is in terms of how the media has been using it lately.

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The saga of Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who’s Twitter escapades have gotten her some visits from the Secret Service in the past…and who just happens to be the senator from my district! Also, the return of “That Was The Week That Was”…and stories about naked people doing questionable things! ...

AIRED: 10-17-2017

A look at the Las Vegas tragedy, analyzing some possible motives that authorities seem to be dismissing at a very early stage. From there, the gun control arguments, and why we should resist the prohibition of something even as ridiculous as bump stocks. Also, a reminder of what the 2nd Amendment is REALLY all about....

AIRED: 10-10-2017

Like many in media, we are discussing President Trump’s proposed tax plan. But beyond that, we are discussing the ideas of Wealth, the pursuit of wealth, Greed, and Taxation as a whole. What is “fair”? Who should bear the brunt of responsibility for funding the government? A key discussion ahead of what may be a...

AIRED: 10-03-2017

What the case of Bonnie & Clyde can teach us about how to deal with violent crime today. Also, why President Trump’s position on NFL protests is a masterstroke. Plus, we discuss Marxist, Feminist Sluts! ...

AIRED: 09-26-2017

As we’ve talked about over the last several weeks, the Jason Stockley verdict was eminent…and it has now come down. And as I predicted, all Hell broke loose in St. Louis. Today we examine the verdict and the aftermath–and we do so as a case study of what you are sure to see happening around...

AIRED: 09-19-2017

Our annual rememberance of 9/11…including a discussion of how much of our divided nature today may have it’s roots in our reaction to 9/11. Also, a stern word for the 9/11 “Truthers” out there. Plus, we have the one thing that Liberals say they want, until they get it..we have an “Honest Discussion on Race”!...

AIRED: 09-12-2017