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AIRED: 08-11-2015

–The Ferguson One Year Anniversary Spectacular!

–The Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly catfight

–Why I don’t want a “unifier” to become President

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Today we discuss the latest victim of the Democrats “50 Shades of GOP” strategy, which they used to steal the Alabama Senate Election from Roy Moore…this time the victim is Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Speaking of Greitens, we examine one of his key issues–Right to Work laws. Also, how can businesses and advertisers be successful...

AIRED: 02-13-2018

How does it feel to have barely survived an attempted coup? That’s exactly what we now know has happened in light of the House Intelligence Comittee’s memo on the collusion of the Democratic Party and the FBI both before and since the 2016 election. What we have found has essentially vindicated the actions of Joe...

AIRED: 02-06-2018

Was your life negatively impacted by the Government Shutdown? No? Me Neither. But regardless of the minimal impact of the government shutdown, it was useful in clarifying–beyond any doubt–what the priorities of Democrats are at this point. And it ain’t good. Also, I make the case for why Alyssa Milano should go topless at the...

AIRED: 01-30-2018

It’s been a big week–from Facebook Suspensions (which has led to people questioning *if I’m still freakin’ alive*) to appearing on BBC Radio defending President Trump’s alleged “s*ithole” comments, to learning of the Martin Luther King holiday beginning in St. Louis with…wait for it…a shooting on Martin Luther King Blvd…we discuss it all here! ...

AIRED: 01-16-2018

Many are talking about using the 25th Amendment in an attempt to remove President Trump from office due to a perceived lack of “mental stability”. But if we look at the actual actions of everybody involved, which political camp is it currently that has actually exhibited a significant amount of mental instability? Also, why the...

AIRED: 01-09-2018

It’s become somewhat of a tradition–my annual New Year’s Message. I discuss why 2017 was a terrific year (despite what you are hearing out of pop culture and social media), and how we can make 2018 even better by “Embracing the Contentiousness” in America. We are winning, and 2018 is a critical year…don’t get tired...

AIRED: 01-02-2018