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AIRED: 08-11-2015

–The Ferguson One Year Anniversary Spectacular!

–The Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly catfight

–Why I don’t want a “unifier” to become President

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What started as a deplatformization (whoa…did I just make up a word?) of Alex Jones has spread elsewhere. We discuss how we are *all* in the crosshairs now. Plus, the single most ridiculous thing you’ll see on the internet today. Also, the single worst explanation for Urban Violence you’ve ever heard…and yes, these might be...

AIRED: 08-14-2018

The Enemy of the People–that’s what President Trump has referred to the Liberal Media as. Is it true? I examine some examples from the past–including an long-forgotten exchange between Mike Wallace and Peter Jennings back in 1987–that demonstrate not only that the President is right about the mainstream journalists…but that it’s far worse than even...

AIRED: 08-07-2018

So Mark Zuckerburg lost a few billion dollars last week…how ignoring his hubris and simply sticking to an old piece of “hillbilly wisdom” would have saved him a whole lot of money, and embarrassment to boot. Plus, Psychologists are actually admitting that Liberal anxiety over President Trump is a thing–though they’re stopping short of calling...

AIRED: 07-31-2018

We’ve all heard it–President Trump is thumbing his nose at our allies while cozying up to our enemies. But are our “allies” and “enemies” static groups of people over time–or might they change? We examine how basic human friendships and relationships can demonstrate to us how allies and enemies can change for a nation over...

AIRED: 07-24-2018

The media and the Democrats are flipping out about President Trump meeting with one of our nation’s most diabolical enemies, Russia. Except, can Russia really be considered an enemy? Or are they actually more of a friend to America than the media and the Democrats currently are? Also, the one common threat that exists between...

AIRED: 07-17-2018

Have you noticed the thread through all of these Liberal protests we’ve seen over the last several years? They all center around making it easier for lawbreakers to succeed in breaking the law! We examine this, and what it says about Democrats and Liberals. And everybody calls for unity in America. But is that possible?...

AIRED: 07-10-2018