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AIRED: 07-28-2015

This week:

–Why the Lafayette shooting demonstrates that “common sense” gun laws DO NOT work.

–Why a Third political party in America could one day be viable.

–Plus, my usual hard-hitting analysis and devastatingly sexy voice!

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On past shows, we’ve discussed the gun debate from the perspective of Constitutionalism and Practicality. But today, we attempt to get to the true crux of the Gun debate…and find that even a few Liberals understand what this debate really boils down to (even if they hate that fact once they realize it). The debate...

AIRED: 03-20-2018

Today we examine the concept of Equality–why it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, and how it’s impossible to actually achieve equality in our daily lives. Plus, Democrats commit perhaps the most boneheaded political move in history, as they decide to run in 2018 on raising taxes (why not just run on killing...

AIRED: 03-13-2018

People have flipped out over President Trump’s idea to allow teachers to be armed in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. But stop and think about it–is this idea really much different than the Concealed Carry laws that are active (to some degree or another) in all 50 states? ...

AIRED: 02-27-2018

In light of all of the debates and discussions following the tragic school shooting in Florida, the 2nd Amendment has been tossed aside when looking at “solutions”. Or, at the very least, it’s meaning has been grotesquely bastardized when it has been brought up in these debates. So today we focus on the 2nd Amendment,...

AIRED: 02-20-2018

Today we discuss the latest victim of the Democrats “50 Shades of GOP” strategy, which they used to steal the Alabama Senate Election from Roy Moore…this time the victim is Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Speaking of Greitens, we examine one of his key issues–Right to Work laws. Also, how can businesses and advertisers be successful...

AIRED: 02-13-2018

How does it feel to have barely survived an attempted coup? That’s exactly what we now know has happened in light of the House Intelligence Comittee’s memo on the collusion of the Democratic Party and the FBI both before and since the 2016 election. What we have found has essentially vindicated the actions of Joe...

AIRED: 02-06-2018