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AIRED: 07-21-2015

–Those in America who need to get their priorities in order, and why they are a danger to the rest of us.

-Barack Obama goes to Federal Prison! Somehow, he didn’t stay there,,,

–A prediction I made last week comes true.

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As we’ve talked about over the last several weeks, the Jason Stockley verdict was eminent…and it has now come down. And as I predicted, all Hell broke loose in St. Louis. Today we examine the verdict and the aftermath–and we do so as a case study of what you are sure to see happening around...

AIRED: 09-19-2017

Our annual rememberance of 9/11…including a discussion of how much of our divided nature today may have it’s roots in our reaction to 9/11. Also, a stern word for the 9/11 “Truthers” out there. Plus, we have the one thing that Liberals say they want, until they get it..we have an “Honest Discussion on Race”!...

AIRED: 09-12-2017

We’ve seen Trump Detractors–comically many times–completely misinterpret the reasons for the rise of Donald Trump. But I’ve run across a couple of articles that–critical as they are–seem to at least start to understand that the appeal of Trump is far beyond just celebrity or Cult of Personality. Are they getting it? Also, why strippers who...

AIRED: 09-05-2017

It’s storytime, boys and girls…today we tell a story, that–on the face of it–sounds like the typical “Thug attacks cop, cop defends himself” story. However, after a number of twists and turns, it’s a story that demonstrates how Democratic politicians are providing cover for violent Leftists, and how this is placing ordinary people in danger....

AIRED: 08-29-2017

So people are so upset and triggered over Confederate statues that they are completely losing control of themselves. Well, let’s up the ante…today, I read Jefferson Davis’ farewell address to the United States Senate, and demonstrate that slavery wasn’t the only significant concept being fought for during the Civil War. Somebody call the Southern Poverty...

AIRED: 08-22-2017

We discuss Charlottesville without the pre-made agenda that the Leftist Media is saturated in. Is it possible the driver was acting in self-defense, and not malice? Are White Supremecists and Nazi’s really the root cause of the problems in Charlottesville and America? Was President Trump’s initial response sufficient? Where is the city where the next...

AIRED: 08-15-2017