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AIRED: 07-21-2015

–Those in America who need to get their priorities in order, and why they are a danger to the rest of us.

-Barack Obama goes to Federal Prison! Somehow, he didn’t stay there,,,

–A prediction I made last week comes true.

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It’s Election Day in Alabama! We discuss why it’s critical that Roy Moore win today’s race (hint: It goes a lot deeper than simply getting a tax plan through). Also, we discuss crime, gun buyback programs, and concealed carry reciprocity. ...

AIRED: 12-12-2017

How a recent Thanksgiving trip reminded me of the differences in how Rural America reacts to important issues when compared to our “citified” brethren. Also, am I in danger of being caught up in the wave of sexual misconduct charges? Plus, we destroy the argument that Trump’s tax cuts will only benefit the wealthy. ...

AIRED: 12-05-2017

One thing that the Saga of Roy Moore has gotten us talking about (among many other things) is the differences between the role of young women in society 40 years ago vs. their role in society today. So we ask the question, for all of the “advancements” that we’ve made in terms of how we...

AIRED: 11-21-2017

Two weeks ago, I did a segment where I was effusive in my praise of Judge Roy Moore, who is running for the Senate out of Alabama. But in light of some pretty strong allegations of sexual impropriety, am I advising people to stop supporting Moore? Or am I advising Alabama voters to stand strong...

AIRED: 11-14-2017

Today we discuss two tragedies–the Terrorist attack in New York last week, and the church shooting in Texas on Sunday. We discuss how people are looking for complex explanations and solutions, when really, the explanations and solutions are massively simple and obvious. ...

AIRED: 11-07-2017

Look, I don’t want to be Joel Osteen (although a sweet mansion would be nice…), but I know a lot of you are discouraged by fighting the good fight in America and not seeming to get anywhere. But you ARE being heard and having an impact–the retirement of Jeff Flake is one example of it....

AIRED: 10-31-2017