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AIRED: 07-07-2015

Getting back from the 4th of July with these topics:

–The context that makes Donald Trump’s comments *correct*, not offensive

–The backlash developing in America that will catch Liberals by surprise (and the historical background of it)

–Why maybe–just maybe–you should cut your friendly neighborhood lobbyist some slack

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The media and the Democrats are flipping out about President Trump meeting with one of our nation’s most diabolical enemies, Russia. Except, can Russia really be considered an enemy? Or are they actually more of a friend to America than the media and the Democrats currently are? Also, the one common threat that exists between...

AIRED: 07-17-2018

Have you noticed the thread through all of these Liberal protests we’ve seen over the last several years? They all center around making it easier for lawbreakers to succeed in breaking the law! We examine this, and what it says about Democrats and Liberals. And everybody calls for unity in America. But is that possible?...

AIRED: 07-10-2018

We begin the celebration of Independence day 24 hours early, and reflect on what a miracle the United States of America truly is. We also take a look at some of the very real threats that our out there before us–physical threats such as Islamic Terrorists planning on blowing up a 4th of July parade...

AIRED: 07-03-2018

Since Illegal Immigration has been on everyone’s minds over the last couple of weeks, I start with a blank sheet of paper, and create the perfect Immigration policy from the ground up! Also, we discuss how the way this controversy has been reported by mainstream journalists perfectly illustrates why Americans don’t trust the mainstream media...

AIRED: 06-26-2018

Why the Inspector General’s report demonstrates something very sobering to us all–the fact that everything we’ve suspected is worse than we’ve thought. That there is an Institutional Cabal who is literally trying to steal elections and implement a coup in our country. This requires a massive shift in mindset when it comes to how we...

AIRED: 06-19-2018

After the G7 summit, the media & the political class are aghast that President Trump has put our own interests ahead of our historic allies and institutions–but this is a trend happening all over the world, and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Also, the ERA is back–though I can’t, for the life of me, figure...

AIRED: 06-12-2018