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AIRED: 06-02-2015

This week’s topics:

–Praising John Ritzheimer and the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Arizona.

–Lindsey Graham and other uninteresting candidates enter the Preisdential Battle Royal…and I explain why we Conservatives are not interested in them.

–The real danger of Bernie Sanders

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So people are so upset and triggered over Confederate statues that they are completely losing control of themselves. Well, let’s up the ante…today, I read Jefferson Davis’ farewell address to the United States Senate, and demonstrate that slavery wasn’t the only significant concept being fought for during the Civil War. Somebody call the Southern Poverty...

AIRED: 08-22-2017

We discuss Charlottesville without the pre-made agenda that the Leftist Media is saturated in. Is it possible the driver was acting in self-defense, and not malice? Are White Supremecists and Nazi’s really the root cause of the problems in Charlottesville and America? Was President Trump’s initial response sufficient? Where is the city where the next...

AIRED: 08-15-2017

The media would have you believe that the Trump Administration is a tire fire with little accomplishment. However, I remind you of some great accomplishments in this administration that you might not have heard about. Also, I deliver a message to the likes of Jeff “Frosted” Flake and Bill Kristol on behalf of the Republican...

AIRED: 08-08-2017

Today we discuss the conflict between bringing criminals to justice and making sure that criminals have all of their rights safeguarded. Are their rights really worth safeguarding, given the very real danger that criminals place us in each day? Should I allow my own safety and security to be compromised so that the “rights” of...

AIRED: 08-01-2017

The Huffington Post is coming to the Heartland! This will probably be a comedy of errors…but on the off chance they are interested in actually listening to us instead of talking, I have 6 things that they must understand about we in Flyover Country. Also, a racist Chocolate Milk ban, and my thoughts on The...

AIRED: 07-18-2017

Yes, you read that right. Today’s show includes a discussion of Alyssa Milano’s boobs (and their potential role in getting her out of her current financial mess)…then we move on to other boobs we see on TV–such as Michael Smrconish & Chuck Todd! Also, I answer Todd’s question of how you explain President Trump’s actions...

AIRED: 07-11-2017