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AIRED: 06-02-2015

This week’s topics:

–Praising John Ritzheimer and the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Arizona.

–Lindsey Graham and other uninteresting candidates enter the Preisdential Battle Royal…and I explain why we Conservatives are not interested in them.

–The real danger of Bernie Sanders

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Two weeks ago, I did a segment where I was effusive in my praise of Judge Roy Moore, who is running for the Senate out of Alabama. But in light of some pretty strong allegations of sexual impropriety, am I advising people to stop supporting Moore? Or am I advising Alabama voters to stand strong...

AIRED: 11-14-2017

Today we discuss two tragedies–the Terrorist attack in New York last week, and the church shooting in Texas on Sunday. We discuss how people are looking for complex explanations and solutions, when really, the explanations and solutions are massively simple and obvious. ...

AIRED: 11-07-2017

Look, I don’t want to be Joel Osteen (although a sweet mansion would be nice…), but I know a lot of you are discouraged by fighting the good fight in America and not seeming to get anywhere. But you ARE being heard and having an impact–the retirement of Jeff Flake is one example of it....

AIRED: 10-31-2017

Today we analyze the spat between George W. Bush and President Trump–with that analysis coming from someone who voted for both of them, and can provide a historic context for why Bush may have made the statements that he did. Also, Playboy magazine announces they will have a Tranny playmate…and I ask the one simple...

AIRED: 10-24-2017

The saga of Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who’s Twitter escapades have gotten her some visits from the Secret Service in the past…and who just happens to be the senator from my district! Also, the return of “That Was The Week That Was”…and stories about naked people doing questionable things! ...

AIRED: 10-17-2017

A look at the Las Vegas tragedy, analyzing some possible motives that authorities seem to be dismissing at a very early stage. From there, the gun control arguments, and why we should resist the prohibition of something even as ridiculous as bump stocks. Also, a reminder of what the 2nd Amendment is REALLY all about....

AIRED: 10-10-2017