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AIRED: 11-05-2011


 Donny Gillson is the current host for 32 degrees of Insanity and Co-host for The Heated Conversation every Mon, Wed, and Friday evenings on the Freedomizer Radio Network. Gillson, has been arrested and intimidated for his research on Nibiru and has recently released that Nibiru is a cloaked black planet masking as a carbon star called CW Leonis (Lee — O — Nis). According to his research he believes that CW Leonis is a part of a Convoy masking Nibiru and ELENIN is leading the way.

Donny has done some incredible work with daily updates on his youtube channel tracking the brown dwarf star and it’s satellites such as ELENIN. Donny basis his analysis on ancient prophecy, biblical writings, NASA data and images from observatories all over the world and presents this information in the most coherent and researched manner we’ve ever seen.


(length: 3 hours, 15 minutes – commercial free)


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